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The margarita is a versatile classic cocktail that has become one of the most popular cocktails in the world. It’s easy to make well and just as easy to mess up. Learn the basics here so you can build your own with confidence.


Fresh juice is important in a margarita because it will enhance the look of the cocktail while providing more flavor without added sugars and preservatives. We hand squeeze fruits at room temperature because it will yield more juice than cold fruits.


Tequila selection in a margarita depends on personal preference but feel comfortable using Blanco or Reposado. Use Blanco for powerful citrus and agave flavors or Reposado for mellow woody and spicy flavors.


Fill a shaker with lots of ice and shake your margarita until your arms feel sore! Doing this will obviously cool your drink but it also dilutes the liquid which will help round out flavors and bring all ingredients together.


Adding salt to the rim of your glass will intensify flavors within the margarita. Always use a coarse salt and try experimenting with different flavors. Manny uses a salt flavored with guajillo and pisilla chili peppers, hibiscus, sugar and lime.

Our Story

In 1922, Don Jose Maria Bañuelos created the perfect recipe for a bold highland tequila.

The recipe was developed in Arandas, a community in the Los Altos region of Jalisco. It is here, in Arandas, that TEQUILA CAZADORES ® is still made.

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Manny Hinojosa

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Manny Hinojosa is an award-winning bartender, who travels the world championing Tequila Cazadores ® to everyone he meets.

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